Red Team operators emulate advanced persistent threats who not only attack enterprises through cyber components, but also know how to take a physical approach against enterprises. Red Team is here to assist in uncovering any of those potential vulnerabilities, and assist in mitigating the findings and help build a more robust security posture.

Many organizations have multiple security solutions implemented, from intrusion detection systems, SOC monitoring, and even security guards. However these measures are never really tested, in order to assess their true reliability when needed in a critical matter.

When performing physical covert entries, Red Team assesses all physical security measures that the enterprise has in place. Some of the common vulnerabilities that are targeted by our Red Team operators are:

  • OSINT reconnaissance on the facility or building to infiltrate.
  • Checking for fences or gates, and ways to bypass them.
  • Weak or vulnerable Locks, if they can be shimmed, bypassed, or if they are susceptible to lock-picking easily.
  • Doors which are not properly installed, or have weak locks installed.
  • RFID badges, RFID readers, and overall access control, if they are susceptible to tampering or hacking.
  • Checking and bypassing surveillance cameras.
  • Checking fire escape doors for possible entry methods.
  • Once on the facility, checking for possible network ports in public areas.
  • Gaining access to workstations, servers, dropping rogue USB devices or rogue Wi-Fi Access Points.

Other common techniques used in Covert Physical Entry (also known as physical penetration testing), are Wi-Fi hacking, and Social Engineering.