We are a group of IT & Security professionals, with a passion for offensive security. We love anything related to offensive security, hacking, wireless security, social engineering, and physical security. Our goal is to be able to help discover vulnerabilities to be able to address them, and be able to convert any infrastructure we target, into a more secure and robust one.

Our founder and CEO David Probinsky has been in the IT industry for many years. He started off by learning about hacking back when he was only 15yrs old, started in the industry as an IT Helpdesk, and grew his knowledge and experience over the years, now having over a decade of experience and experience in IT roles with executive levels. He then decided to pursue his entrepreneurship, and started the company in 2017 offering services such as Ethical Hacking (also known as PenTesting) and Wireless security assessments. Over the years David and his team have grown to now include a complete suite of offensive security services, not only cyber, but physical as well.

Offering offensive security services to any business and industry, ranging from healthcare and finance, all the way up to industrial control systems an critical infrastructure, Red Team helps by discovering any possible unknown vulnerabilities before the real attackers do.

We are very passionate about cybersecurity, and have always been involved in the InfoSec and hacker communities and always participating in local and remote CTF (Capture The Flag) events as well as local and international conferences such as Bsides, and DefCon. We are members and involved with different kinds of organizations such as Infragard, South Florida ISSA , The Open Organisation Of LockPickers and also Hack Miami %27.

David has been an active member of the infosec community, and has been presented with the opportunity to present talks at the HackMiami %27 group where they often hold bi-weekly meetups and presentations on current infosec topics, to which he has given talks on physical pentesting tools , and also about Pentesting vs Red Teaming. HackMiami is the premier resource in South Florida for the recruitment of highly skilled hackers that specialize in vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, digital forensics, and all manner of information technology and security.

Here at Red Team we are also very proud to be active members with a Hacker community group from the Dominican Republic called “RedTeamRD” where they actively are hosting meetups, talking about different infosec topics or holding live interviews to professionals in the industry. We had the opportunity to share and present with RedTeamRD a talk on WiFi hacking where we had a live hands on demo and concluded with a wireless CTF (Capture The Flag).

David over the years has become more involved in the infosec community, always learning new skills, tactics, techniques, and always eager to share the knowledge with the rest of the community. We enjoy volunteering and providing back to the community whenever possible.

Here is a video by Telemundo 51 on the local group HackMiami %27: